Attack the problem. Not the person.

Mediation is a form of conciliation in conflicts. First the MfN register mediator of Dev_ real estate clearly visualises the interests of both parties and then guides the communication between them. For what reason? To reach a joint agreement. Faster, cheaper and simpler than legal procedures. Focused on the solution, maintaining the relationship and therefore forward-looking.

Dev_ mediation can be used in negotiations and conflicts, where it is no longer possible to settle without an independent third party. Mediation can help as a catalyst for business, construction and real estate related conflicts.

Mediation fits perfectly within the beliefs of Dev_ real estate:

we are independent and work for both owners and users
we are positively critical in everything we do and are particularly focused on cooperation
we rather pay attention to interests than positions
we can contribute our specific knowledge and extensive experience in building processes to get to a jointly supported solution through mediation.
Like to know more about the benefits of mediation? Please contact Jaap Wierema, MfN-geregistreerd mediator.

Advantages of mediation.

Advantages of mediation

Advantages of mediation text