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We believe in progress.


We believe in progress.

In today’s real estate market you can achieve progress by working together more openly, positively and constructively. We work for both owners and users of real estate. We do not see this as a clash of interests but simply as an opportunity. Progress is based on exploring new pathways together, finding common interests, setting ambitious targets and achieving resounding results. No progress without deviation.

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We are what we do. As strategic real estate experts we are active in five core areas: advice on project development, advice for real estate owners, advice for real estate users, project management and mediation. But just as important for us is our belief in the way we tackle the job at hand. The three key words that define our approach are: positivity, equality and authenticity.


This is the way we look at the world. At the business, ourselves, our partners, our clients and colleagues. Personal, open and enthusiastic are words that describe us well and that we willingly advocate. Three other words are committed, involved and independent!



For us, this refers to various things. We are not all the same and we do not have to be!  Everyone is different. For us equality means being aware of what is important for all of us. Where do things differ but also where do they overlap? It is all about common values.


By critical we mean that we make clear judgements without any prejudices. We stay true to ourselves but also to others. Look at it from a different angle. Help our clients not only with words of advice but also with actions. Take a robust and decisive stance. Decisive and forward looking. What does our strategic real estate advice ultimately deliver? Development, progress and added value.


We love development.

What we do.

We love development.

As a strategic real estate expert Dev_ real estate can provide knowledge, know-how and extensive experience in five core areas: project development, advice for real estate owners, advice for real estate users, project management and mediation. What is the bottom line for our clients? Development, progress and added value.

More about the five key areas of Dev_real estate


1. Development advice

Dev_ real estate gives advice and guidance on developing real estate. From the initial plan to its realisation. Do you own property or do you want to develop a property? Are you looking for knowledge, experience and capacity? In order to provide you with clear advice on each project, Dev_ real estate not only identifies the risks but also the opportunities. Pragmatic to realise and commercially feasible.

Dev_real estate provides advice and guidance on:

  • project and area (re)development
  • feasibility study and plan optimalisation
  • concept development
  • tender processes
  • purchasing, renting and sales processes
  • risk analysis and control
  • contract management
  • market research
  • marketing

2. Advice for real estate owners

Dev_ real estate offers advice and guidance to property owners. Whether it is researching the potential for redevelopment, the preparation and management of redevelopment projects or optimising building operations Dev_ real estate has the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide advice and deliver added value.

Dev_ real estate offers property owners advice and guidance on:

  • due dillegence
  • business case driven feasibility studies
  • strategic investment in office property
  • development and redevelopment
  • modular renovation of multitenant housing
  • integrating the interests of owners and users
  • sustainabilty of property portfolios

3. Advice for real estate users

Organisations of all kinds need optimal housing to be successful. Dev_ real estate knows better than anyone how accommodation must be attuned to individual organisations and working practices. What does this lead to? An improved work environment and an increase in productivity. In short: greater efficiency and happier employees.

Dev_ real estate offers property users advice and guidance on:

  • functional and visualised programme of requirements
  • finding the right workplace concept
  • strategic housing advice
  • long term housing advice
  • accessing total cost of ownership
  • contract management
  • enhancing sustainability

4. Project management

Dev_ real estate has its own vision on project management. We start by giving advice but love to realise it as well! Our key success factors: a well set up organisational structure and a strong sense of leadership leading to positive decision making. With committed consultants whose expertise allows our clients to keep control of the whole project. What does this lead to? Implementing the project on time and within budget, while achieving all of the quality criteria.

Dev_ real estate offers its clients advice and guidance on:

  • process and project management
  • programme management
  • interim project management
  • crisis management
  • management of building costs
  • tendering and drawing up contracts

5. Mediation

Mediation is a form of conciliation in conflicts. First the MfN register mediator of Dev_ real estate clearly visualises the interests of both parties and then guides the communication between them. For what reason? To reach a joint agreement. Faster, cheaper and simpler than legal procedures. Focused on the solution, maintaining the relationship and therefore forward-looking.

Dev_ mediation can be used in negotiations and conflicts, where it is no longer possible to settle without an independent third party. Mediation can help as a catalyst for business, construction and real estate related conflicts.

Mediation fits perfectly within the beliefs of Dev_ real estate:

  • we are independent and work for both owners and users
  • we are positively critical in everything we do and are particularly focused on cooperation
  • we rather pay attention to interests than positions
  • we can contribute our specific knowledge and extensive experience in building processes to get to a jointly supported solution through mediation.

Like to know more about the benefits of mediation? Please contact Jaap Wierema, MfN-geregistreerd mediator.


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